How crucial are customer reviews to online and offline shoppers? Very crucial! It turns out that 90 percent of customers read online reviews before buying from a store. Further statistics show that about 88 percent of customers trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations. It has also been established that about 30 percent of shoppers end up spending their hard earned money on those businesses with excellent reviews.

With that said, we have to emphasize that at Tresor Rare, customer reviews form one of the basis of our success. The company has for over 7 years been dedicated to producing the best skincare products on the market, and that goal has been achieved time and again. That commitment has not only made Tresor Rare a leader in the skincare industry, but it has also made the company the favorite choice of those with unique tastes and preferences.

Besides having an elite team of resourceful and diligent researchers, our success story has also come to be as a result of our willingness to welcome customer’s insights and opinions in regards to our products. Our unbeatable products include The Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying Eye Zone treatment from Tresor, The Mystical Inspiration Perfume, Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel, Ultimate Pleasures Perfume and Tresor Rare Express 60 Seconds Lift, to mention just but a few.

While we like to hear what our customers have to say about our products, we are also pleased to hear what they think about the stores they buy from. We have many reviews about our stores, and the Tresor Rare – Maui Lahaina is not an exception. We have reviews from clients who have shopped from this store, and their opinions are highly valued and treasured not just by us, but also by other customers who would like to know how shopping from the shop is like. It is for this reason that we encourage our prospective customers to take their time to read the testimonials prior to making a purchase. Below, you will find some of the most helpful reviews about the Tresor Rare – Maui Lahaina store. Please feel free to leave your honest opinion as well and let other customers know how your shopping experience was.

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 45 reviews
by Mia wamson on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

bought the ultimate peal cleanser - i use it every day and i love it.

Best Eye Cream Best service

Enjoyed so much shopping in your store and love this great eye cream that i bought...

best facial i received in ages

thank you for the great facial i got while on vacation in Hawaii , love your products and i love that amazing lady that gave me the facial i think her name is Beth.

by Darlene on Tresor Rare - Lahaina
I can still feel it!!!

The fabulous guys at the Lahaina store got me right off the street. I have to admit I was wary of their hard sell but after walking away with a trial of the express 60 on my eye area I could feel the tightening. I knew it was working. Even my husband noticed it. By the time we walked back by the store I went in and bought a good supply at what I now realize is a very good price. I’m going back tomorrow for the eye and neck treatments. It’s been a couple hours now and I can still feel it!!!Good job boys!!!!

by Marcy W on Tresor Rare - Lahaina
Sensational Skin Care

Tre’sor Rare provides exceptional skin care products! I am so happy to have found this store and its products during my visit to Lahaina! The service is outstanding and the products make your skin feel and look great! I am in my mid 60’s and my skin and feels decades younger!!! Feeling so blessed and very happy. Thank you, Armando and Oren!!!

by Shona Porter on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

In love with my skin!

by Nichols Marjorie on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I was looking up for quality skin products online. I came across positive customer reviews of Tresor Rare products. I checked out their website and directed to Maui Lahaina shop by an online beauty consultant. I have used their products for the last two months, and I love my new look. Their personnel are highly informed and portray good communication skills.

by Myrtle R. on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I have always had skin rashes and itchy skin after using cosmetics until I tried Tresor Rare products. At least I do not have to visit a dermatologist now and then anymore. My friends have been asking me about the products I use; I was happy directing them to the shop. The first feedback I get is on the quality of customer service they offer. Looking young and beautiful is awesome. Thank you, Tresor Rare!

by June Hill on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

Tresor rare products are of high quality. Their advertisements don’t lie; the results are similar to what they say. I have used a variety of their skin products and the experience is overwhelming. I have used Express 60 Seconds Lift and the after look is amazing. I look forward to trying more of their products.

by Benjamin Fuller on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I cannot thank Tresor rare enough for their high-quality Aftershave Lotion for men. I have tried several after shave products in the past, but this one is the best. Staffs at Maui Lahaina shop are well trained and welcoming; every time I visit the shop, I walk out a happy man. My wife wants to visit, and I will take her there.

by Richardson Lela on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I am in love with the facial products from Tresor Rare -Maui Lahaina store. My face feels smooth and glows all day long. With my modeling career, this is exactly what I need.

by Sharon H. on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

Since the first day I visited Maui Lahaina shop to date, the experience has been exceptional. They offer the best skin products in the market. I love my look every time I use Tresor Rare Intensive Recovery Japanese BinchotanZumi Mask. I can now walk, work and interact confidently throughout the day. I visit Maui Lahaina shop every month.

by Myrtle Singleton on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

Waoh! The best gift I have received recently is Ultimate Pleasures Perfume from Tresor Rare. My boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday. It smells so good and lasts long. Soon I will visit Maui Lahaina store and check out more of their products. Of all the perfumes have used, this one is the best.

by Kathryn on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

Tresor Rare skin products have made my modeling career easy. I look beautiful all the time despite the weather or time of the day. I have used Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Thermal Mask for a while now; it has never disappointed. I enjoy visiting their shop; their services are impressive. I have been trying out more of their products, and none has disappointed me so far.

by Bernadette on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I turned 50 early this year and I realized my neck skin was aging. One of my friends advised me to visit Maui Lahaina store and check out their skin products. I was amazed at the kind of service they offer; they gave me adequate information regarding the type of products that would work well with my skin. I now use Complete Age Defying Neck Concentrate. I feel confident and younger.

by Riley Kay on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

For two years now I have been using The Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying Eye Zone treatment from Tresor Rare. My eye region looks young and beautiful. The product has worked well with my skin; every morning I step out looking amazing. I am thinking of trying another product from their cosmetic store. Their employees are so welcoming and adequately informed; they could answer every question I ask confidently.

by Mary Brooks on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I was thrilled by the kind of services I received from Maui Lahaina shop staff; was just amazing. I asked lots of questions regarding their products, they answered so well; I could not resist purchasing some. Next time I visit the store, I will walk in with a friend.

by Betsy O. on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I ordered Express Lifting Concentrated Cream online, and the response was prompt. I received the exact product I had ordered at a very fair price. Tresor Rare products are the best. I would recommend every classy lady to try the products.

by Teresa Moon on Tresor Rare - Lahaina
Karin Ben Simon

Karin wow what a wonderful person so attentive to her clients and the shop in Maui where I met her was extraordinary and made my stay on the island so special. I have reordered with Karin she a very special person she makes you feel so beautiful when she such wonderful products to work with my face is magnificent since she introduce me to the experience for Tresor.

by Angel Primm on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I was surprised to know about the high class ingredients used in the cosmetic products of Tresor Rare shop. The Pearl Facial Peel I bought from this cosmetic store included pearls and diamonds which was a unique thing for me.

by Warner Giselle on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I am officially a lifelong customer of this cosmetic brand as it made my skin look amazing, which was never expected by me since long. I used Ultimate Pearl Defending Cream and BX-Skin Relaxor Cream Cleanser for few months to experience this change.

was not satisfied by the service provided by this cosmetic store as I was not responded properly whenever I visited the store for the resolution of my order which was not as per my requirement.

by Judy Webster on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I was satisfied with the services provided at Tresor Rare shop. They delivered the required beauty products very quickly. I bid best of luck for such a great service.

by Samantha Clarke on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I extremely love the eye treatment provided by Tresor Rare shop. I tried the sample pack of this eye treatment provided by the representative of the store. It helped in erasing the dark circles I had under my eyes since long.

by Madelyn on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

When I visited the Tresor Rare shop I was satisfied with their excellent service. They delivered excellent beauty products as quickly as I cannot expect from such a good cosmetic store.

I look no further after using the cosmetic products of this brand. I have used many cosmetic brands until I used the beauty products of this cosmetic store. Its skin care products kept her dry skin hydrated throughout the season due to its amazing ingredients.

by Katherine on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I love the facial products provided by Tresor Rare shop. They were the best and nicest products I have ever used.

by Tammy S. on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I found some of the products at Tresor Rare shop were priced absurdly high. I tried their Snake oil which caused irritating rashes on my dry adult skin.

I highly recommend buying and using the cosmetic products of this brand as they ship the products in lovely package which I can gift as it is to my family or friends whenever required. You can go for this product with your eyes closed.

by Juliana Curtis on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

The beauty products on this cosmetic store are must for me as they really work. What really impressed me is the fact that you feel very refreshing when you apply them on your skin. I really enjoy this feeling.

by Jennifer on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I found the beauty products of this brand perfectly excellent. I used its products which were gifted by one of my friends. Though I was not impressed with the packaging and service quality of this brand but the results were amazing to satisfy me.

I got fantastic products for my beautiful skin at this store. The astonishing results of all the products of this store I have tried have compelled me to love this brand. I will keep on buying the cosmetic products of this brand.

by Alison Argall on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

Though I love the cosmetic products of this brand but I am not satisfied with their delivery procedure. I had not received any communication about the confirmation of the order I have placed and paid for more than a week ago.

by Cynthia W. on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

The lotion I tried from this cosmetic brand was the best of all I had tried until now. It is one of the products I have recommended to use for everyone as it offers noticeable results very fast. My skin started looking smooth and rejuvenated after using it for few weeks only. I also love the quality of service and fast shipping of this brand. I recommend you to try it once as it is amazing.

by Donna Marie Drozd on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I have tried many beauty products until my age of 55 years the products of this brand were just amazing to me. They provide amazing result whoever tries them.

Ever since I started using skin products, I was hooked by the face cream of this brand. It was the best skin product as it made my skin look better than ever. The expert of this cosmetic store convinced me about the results of this product and I found his claim true.

by Zucker Claudia on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

The cosmetic store Tresor Rare shop uses beauty tricks of ancient times even in today’s modern world to make people look like Cleopatra and other ancient beauties. They use gemstone dust and gold dust along with other plant extracts in their skin beauty treatments to make them the best of all others.

by Koral H. on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I love the product of this cosmetic store since I have used them for the first time. it is the first skin care brand of the world that I have liked the most.

by Frances P. on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I used a number of age defying products for eye zone of this brand like Relaxor Essence, a skin cream, which was the best I have used ever for this purpose. Since I started using it I found my skin look great.

by Jessica L. on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I extremely love this cosmetic brand as its products as well as customer service is really amazing. My skin feel and look better after many years by using their skin care products. I am a loyal customer of this brand now

The products and services provided by Tresor Rare shop were great. I had never used better beauty products than provided by this store.

by Holland Barbara on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I loved the products of this cosmetic brand. The facial peel of Tresor Rare shop bought by me and my mother was amazing as we were using it regularly. I consider this brand the nicest one.

by Kelly Miller on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

I visited Tresor Rare shop and found this brand extremely upscale. When I visited the store first of all I was given a sample to try. It was a good attempt to ensure the quality of their products. The sample was up to my expectations.

by Kelly C. on Tresor Rare - Lahaina

The Pearl Protecting and Defending cream I have bought and used from Tresor Rare shop was a five star skin care product for me. Along with the light scent of this product I also love its elegant packaging.

Great store....